Sappho-Atthis Fantasy

One of our favourite followers on Twitter @SapphoTenthMuse wrote this sexy little story just in time for our opening week at The Rose. My goodness, Atthis has quite the imagination…

Image taken from Jane Palm-Gold's World AIDS Day Exhibition "Loving and Living"

Image taken from Jane Palm-Gold’s World AIDS Day Exhibition “Loving and Living”

Atthis purrs as Sappho’s fingers explore her pale, freckled skin, drawing intricate patterns for her to retrace later with her tongue. Atthis twists her hands helplessly in her bonds. She wants nothing more than to return the touches, to twine her fingers in Sappho’s long, dark hair, to dig her short nails into Sappho’s skin.

‘Sappho, for the love of the gods, release me.’ Atthis hisses as Sappho’s lips close around a rosy nipple, provoking a moan.

‘Hush now.’ Sappho whispers as she trails kisses over Atthis’s collarbone. Atthis continues to tug on her bonds as Sappho’s mouth inches up to her own and places a single, lingering kiss there. Atthis reciprocates hungrily. Sappho’s hand creeps down, down, down…


Atthis shifts as she wakes. She feels soft warmth between her thighs and lets out a soft sigh. Just a dream. A dream… A delicious dream. She stretches out on the bed. Sunlight streams into the room through the small window, pooling on the stone floor. Atthis closes her eyes and listens to the waves crashing against the shore rythmically.

She considers going back to sleep, wondering if she will learn the end of her dream. Then she groans. She is late for her dancing lesson.

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