Sappho sketched

A few years ago, Tamaya Garner wrote me a message on Facebook. She wanted to make sure I had credited her husband Bruce for the photo of his sculpture that was the front cover of my little poetry book. And when my books were printed, of course I sent her a copy.

We continued to interact on Facebook, contributing to discussions, appreciating each other’s art, eventually expressing an interest in meeting in person. Yesterday we finally did meet when Tamaya – a sculpter and artist in her own right – attended my second Ottawa performance of Sappho…in 9 fragments at the Ottawa Fringe Festival. In her flowing white dress with purple framed glasses and a purple beaded necklace, carrying a sketchbook, she was instantly identifiable. And I liked her immediately.

After the show, she shared with me and Victoria many of the sketches she had made during the show. Victoria and I were blown away by how she had captured the fluidity of movement in the production. Here are some of her sketches, and a review to accompany them. I am so touched.

TamayaToday I went to Jessica Ruano’s directing work of art at the Fringe here in Ottawa at Arts Court. My first experience with the formidable talent of Victoria Grove.

I knew nothing of SAPPHO before I entered. I was captivated! hypnotized by movement on ropes and words spoken with a voice made for another world! Did I like the show?

I am barely retrieving my breath 2.5 hours post.

Was it the visualness that was reminiscent of sculpture moving?

Was it the simplicity of props that were so ingenuously used not to dominate but purely enhance every word and movement!? Was it being five feet or less from contact of eyes and poetry?


Upon leaving I had to run to a dear friend. I had to explain this pure excellence of art form.

The rain is now falling outside my window.
The rain has always been my comfort my friend.

I wish to go see the show every day this week.

I would gladly share this great show with any of my friends. If you want to go just email me or facebook me.

It will be your loss if you don’t see it.

Four more showings at Arts Court Library

Today at 5pm | Tomorrow at 8pm
Wednesday at 5pm | Saturday at 3:30pm

We are also playing for two nights only in Montreal. For advance tickets, please visit

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