POEM: The shining thread by Anna Perenna

I love witnessing how this performance affects people in very emotional ways, inspiring them to think and create. Anna Perenna came to the show on recommendation from a friend of mine who studied Classics with her at Carleton University. She returned a second time with flowers for both me and Victoria, and shared some wonderfully insightful things she had observed in the show. Best of all, she composed a beautiful poem that she has permitted me to share on this website. Thanks for everything, Anna x

The shining thread

by Anna Perenna
to Jessica Ruano and Victoria Grove

The Moirai have a younger sister,
her name obscure, to keep another’s known,
her voice an echo making others heard.
Devoid of colour, she likes the brightest threads, most frayed, but unafraid,
and vibrant, all too short.
When they are cut, she picks them up and spins the afterglow of life,
a filament that stretches fate.

She chooses the outspoken,
the outnumbered,
the outcasts,
those who cast their own lot,
those who set fire to temples and hearts – a perfect cast for the drama of history.

Ghostly, spider-like,
she feeds the line back to her sisters, strengthening the tapestry
with a shining thread of memory.

And, interlaced with time, it reemerges
in dreams of distant lands in scents

in scraps of verse beneath Egyptian sands.

To her, this fourth fate, memory-spinner,
I pray for you,
whose shining thread is strung on every harp a woman’s heart

and Eros’ bow –
for you I pray, oh Sappho.

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