Most depressing exchange ever

Attempting to put up posters on The Royal Mile proves a bit of a challenge…

Me: “Hi, may I put a poster up on your wall?”
Bar Manager: “Will you give us free tickets to your show?”
Me: “Sure. How many would you like?”
Bar Manager: “Six.”
Me: “Okay. Here’s my business card, so just email me, and I’ll put you on the guest list.”
Bar Manager: “No, you give me the tickets, and I’ll let you put up a poster.”
Me: “Uh, it doesn’t quite work like that.”
Bar Manager (to an employee): “Do you want to see this show?”
Employee (looks at my poster): “Naw.”

This story has a happy ending, as I was eventually allowed to put up a poster in a quite nice location. Now let’s see how long it stays there.

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