About the Play

“Brilliant” SIMON CALLOW

“The best theatrical experience I’ve had since The Book of Mormon”  MAUREEN LIPMAN

Within a secluded cavern, Ancient Greece’s first love poet laments her erasure from history, while a chorus girl named Atthis is seduced into a modern-day Sapphic romance.

SAPPHO …in 9 fragments was originally performed by its author Jane Montgomery Griffiths in Melbourne in 2008 at The Stork Hotel and in 2010 at the Malthouse Theatre.

In January 2013, a new production premiered at the White Rabbit Theatre in London, England, directed by Jessica Ruano (Canada), featuring Victoria Grove (UK), and designed by Ana Ines Jabares (Spain).

This same production was remounted at The Rose Theatre on Bankside in May  2013, and took part in a multi-city Canadian tour in June 2013. The show was awarded ‘Best in Fest’ and ‘Outstanding Design’ at the Ottawa Fringe Festival and was held over for an extra week in Ottawa, Canada due to audience demand.

SAPPHO …in 9 fragments also played at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in theSpace Venue 45. The play’s author, Jane Montgomery Griffiths was in attendance.

The historical Sappho from 600 BC has been massively influential as a poet and as a lesbian icon. Plato labeled her the ‘tenth muse’ and she was known as the first poet to focus on human relationships and love, particularly love of women, in her writing. While the word ‘lesbian’ used to refer only to inhabitants of Sappho’s homeland Lesbos, it is now used to describe also ‘women who love women’. Similarly, the word ‘sapphic’ is often attributed to romantic or sexual desire between women.